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Advanced Fine Particle Filtration

renasys’ Advanced Fine Particle Filtration technology is a state-of-the-art mechanical system reimagining what is possible within hydrologic physics. Our propriety 3D filtration stainless steel media, enables fine filtration levels from 40 microns down to 5 microns, compared to market systems operating particle screening with 350 microns to 150 microns. This represents more than 10X filtration potential (4X to 70X)! Combined with our autonomous controls, the renasys AFPF calibrates all operating system parameters in real-time, from wastewater inlet flow rates, SS & COD loading levels, through to upstream and downstream processes like pumps, bioreactors to sludge dewatering.


This holistic approach removes 99% of wastewater particles above 5 microns, regardless of industry, scale, or wastewater composition. Our patented filtration solution is closed-loop, continuous, efficient, modular, and scalable.


The renasys technology can be implemented as a standalone system or be fully integrated into existing processes. When incorporating a serial renasys AFPF system upstream of bioreactors, more of the particulate organic matter is removed prior to biological treatment. This significantly reduces the organic loading of the bioreactor, enabling the use of much smaller bioreactors while requiring considerably less energy for aeration. With another serial renasys AFPF pursuant to bioreactors, this could reduce or eliminate the need for large and costly chemical flocculation/flotation processes.  

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