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“Once we know and are aware,

we are responsible for our action,

and our inaction.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

renasys is aware and striving to be the game changer that waterways are in dire need of. ​We are a purpose-driven climate tech scale-up taking action in decarbonizing the wastewater sector.


Water is the key to life on Earth. It's our lifeblood and it is growing more polluted by the day. To support that life, we must preserve our finite water supply, value our ecosphere, and move with urgency to protect it.


The challenge is substantial, and we need to act now, act big, act together.


We are on a mission to preserve, protect, and defend Earth’s most precious resource: water.

By promoting knowledge that will ultimately initiate a global movement composed of like-minded and committed changemakers.

We are building a framework around technology and people that will launch a meaningful, global transformation.

By designing breakthrough technologies and smart solutions that are efficient, cost-effective,

and easy to use.

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​Serial entrepreneurs, Trond Melhus (CTO) and Christopher Sveen (CEO), established renasys in 2020.


​Trond is our resident genius, bringing more than 45 years of developing and commercializing innovative technologies within the Oil & Gas / Energy sectors. From R&D to process optimization, Trond loves to get his hands dirty building new tech and co-founded Cubility in 2005, a market leader in drilling mud filtration installed on +200 offshore rigs. As an ardent skipper and leisure fisherman, from Lofoten to the Oslofjord, Trond knows all too well the impact wastewater has on the ecosystem.


​Christopher is our purpose and impact evangelist, spending some 15 years co-founding and developing what is today UBQ Materials, a seemingly impossible technology converting unsorted household waste into a bio-based thermoplastic composite which can replace oil-based resins in existing manufacturing processes. Growing up around the world, the disparity of water, waste, and wastewater management became his calling. Transitioning into wastewater, he inspires a holistic and systemic approach, combined with meticulous execution, to be the change we seek for the industry.


Born one day apart, plus 30 years, our founders are brothers-in-arms taking action no matter how challenging the opportunity of MISSION ZERO might be.

Strategic Partners

Haver & Boecker, founded in 1887, is a 5th-generation family-owned and managed company headquartered in Oelde, Germany. Active on all five continents with more than 50 subsidiaries and 150 agencies, they have become technology leaders and trendsetters.


The Wire Weaving Division is home to our 3D Filter Mesh, MINIMESH® RPD-HIFLO S, providing exceptional technical expertise coupled with economies of scale. The division has +3,000 other unique simple to highly complex technical wire mesh products which are used in virtually all industries from Food to Pharma, Automotive to Mining, and Carbon Sequestration to Space on all of the NASA Apollo and Discovery missions.


Sharing our Vision & Mission, Haver & Boecker has been a partner since our inception expanding its footprint within liquid, water, and wastewater. Together we have developed novel filtration solutions at highly competitive price points without comprising quality.


As we scale and open new markets, we seek similar strategic partnerships that can further improve and implement our collective MISSION ZERO.


To achieve renasys' ambitious MISSION ZERO, we need the involvement of like-minded changemakers where sustainability is at the forefront.  


In addition to our strategic partner Haver & Boecker, we have a vast network of partners, from finance via laboratory to the processing of sludge, making it possible for our ecosystem to work and act together.

We have received, or are in the process of receiving, 1% for the Planet and B Corp certification, from where we gather valuable inspiration on how to build a modern business. Similarly, The International Water Association (IWA) act as an industry inspiration pillar, underlining our focus on creating a positive impact guided by United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

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